Wash Belly – 70

Over the decades, Colin had amassed a great deal of money.  Much of it was from his drug trade.  In early days, he’d keep it in a box at the back of the closet, but it was so much that he had to find a way to deposit it in a bank.

He couldn’t use an American Bank, obviously and that tied well into his change of product.  When he went to Jamaica to set up his drug deals he carried U.S. dollars and opened a number of U.S. accounts in different banks.  Never going over $30,000.00.  

At first Jamaican dollars were worth more than U.S., but then began to slide.   Today, each of his  $30,000.00 interest bearing accounts was now worth over $3 Million Jamaican.

Colin formed a company and used  money from each of the accounts to buy various properties which he rented to reliable companies which would make monthly deposits to his company account.

In this way, any investigation would prove the legality of his earnings.

Of course, the only person that knew about the money was Colin.  He dressed and acted as a blue collar guy.  Drove a used car, didn’t wear expensive clothes, save in Jamaica where he dressed as the successful businessman.


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