Wash Belly – 7

When  Keith was sixteen  Colin found another use for him,  he would sell cocaine.

Colin had gotten into the drug business at that age, selling for an older guy.   As Miranda, that ‘Great Mother’  had no idea where her children were, what they were doing,  it was no problem for Col to come and go as he pleased and he took over the business when that guy went to prison.

During the last years of Colin’s High School time, Miranda was rarely home so had no idea what he was doing where he was.

Most often, Miranda came home at about 6 am,  and made breakfast, woke Colin, Keith and Joey for school, spent a few minutes with them, then go to bed.  

Lucy married when she was eighteen and left home.  Nick married at nineteen, and left.  Zena also married and was gone, so that by the time Col was fourteen he was the ‘man’ of the family.

When he began selling cocaine, he was in High School.  Keith, who had been left back was in class with Joey, so together they went to Elementary, then to Junior High, then to High School. 

He brought Keith into the business at the same age he began.

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