Wash Belly – 68

Colin had gotten legal advice about the property long ago.  He had jumped up the ‘help’  he gave his mother in ‘managing’ the property , ‘helped’ her  pay the bills, and do repairs.  

He had cosigned a mortgage with his mother.  He had learned, through a friend who worked at a bank, that to prevent ‘elder abuse’  this would be a long carefully scrutinised process, in which the Bank would take all steps to insure it was legitimate.  This certification would, if Keith and Joey challenged the mortgage, defeat their action.

Brian took his mother to chemotherapy.  It was evident  to all he was devoted to Miranda.

Further, he made  sure to tell Keith and Joey in front of witnesses that Miranda was ill.

Of course, he did it in such a way they would not deduce she had end stage cancer.


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