Wash Belly – 65

Many years ago, Colin, searching his mother’s drawers had found the Will.  He read it with anger.

Miranda had left House 1 to he and Zena, House 2 to Lucy and Nick, House 3 to Keith and Joey, House 4 to Zena, and House 5 to Keith and Joey.

How could his own mother leave two houses to her grandsons, and only half of one to him?

Colin went on, boiling in anger and his only pleasure came when, behind Keith’s back, Joey and his wife bought House 5 from Miranda.  Then, lost it.

That meant, when Miranda died, they would only get House 3.

As no one knew this, except Colin, he spent years fixing up House 3 while Keith and Joey did nothing.

And when Miranda died, when Nick told Keith and Joey about the Will, because they hated their father so much, they continued to do nothing.


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Written by jaylar

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