Wash Belly -64

Over two decades ago, when Keith and Joey were in Florida, living in House 5,  Colin was in New York, living in House 1 with his mother. Lucy,  Miranda’s first child lived in House 2 with her son Adam.

Nick, Colin’s older brother(father of Keith and Joey) had remarried.  He had bought a house, lived with his new wife and children, until he was thrown out and ex-wife 2 took the house.  Nick wound up living in House 4 with Zena,  the second youngest child of Miranda,  lived with her husband and children.

He’d looked at House 3 but it was in a dilapidated condition.  He wouldn’t and couldn’t spend a penny to fix it.

That’s where Colin stepped up.

Aware of the ‘secret’ Will his mother had drafted, which left that house to Keith and Joey, he took charge. Year after year, Colin spent money on House 3 did repairs, and rented the rooms as if he owned the place.  When Miranda went to take a mortgage, he was co-signed.

The bank, very cautious, made sure that there was no ‘Elder Abuse’ and certified that Miranda wanted the mortgage and that had chosen Colin to co-sign.


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