Wash Belly – 59

Colin had virtually raised his nephews, Keith and Joey to think he loved them.   He didn’t.   He saw their use.    They would do anything for him, and when they were older, sold his drugs.

Colin had found his mother’s Will ten years before his Miranda died. The fact she had left two houses to his nephews, and only half of one to him was as painful as a gunshot.

House 5 was in Florida, Miranda had bought it as her ‘retirement’  home.  When Keith was nearly caught selling drugs, Miranda instantly sent him to Florida.  Shortly after, Joey joined him.  The two had a love/hate relationship and didn’t want to be separated.

With his two main distributors gone, Colin left his cocaine business and opened a ganja one.  Flights landed surreptitiously in Florida, and Keith and Joey could collect the weed and drive it to Atlanta, where’d he meet them.

It worked well for a time.


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Written by jaylar

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