Wash Belly – 58

When Nick took his sons, Keith and Joey,  to live with him and his second wife, Colin felt he got a second life.

It was mostly just he and his mother.  Lucy had long ago married, left, had a son, Adam, got divorced, and lived her own life.   Nick had gone shortly after.   Zena was a teenager with her own life and friends and only used the house to sleep, change her clothes, for not being there was her choice.  Colin was the only one who really lived there with his mother.

After maybe two years, Keith and Joey were shipped back to Miranda, and Colin, having learned his lesson, created a new persona.

He pretended he loved them and spent his time telling them what a ‘Great Mother’ Miranda was.

Miranda was never even a halfway decent mother.  She spent her time working and sleeping.   She never attended a P.T.A meeting, never took her children or grandchildren any where but to a family function, usually a funeral.

Colin complimented and elevated his mother so that his nephews  would repeat it and start to believe it.   In this way Miranda would think Colin was her steadfast supporter.


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Written by jaylar

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