Wash Belly – 54

Even as children, Keith and Joey, formed by their Uncle Colin,  held their mother with revulsion, and despised their father.

Colin told them how they were thrown out with the trash.   As they grew, he kept cultivating their hate for their parents.   Although he was only six years older than Keith and seven older than Joey,  he occupied the place of ‘sage’ in their lives.

When they first came to live with Colin and his mother, Miriam, Brian was a spoiled eight year old.  They left when he was nine, returned when he was eleven.  

Fully aware his mother loved them more than him, he laboured to make them love him more than her.  Considering she worked two jobs and spent most of her time home sleeping, he had an easy time of it.

When they reached their mid teens, Colin used them to sell crack on the streets of Brooklyn.  They took the risks, he took the money.

This went on for a few years, then they were almost caught. Miranda shipped them to the  house she had just bought in  Florida to protect them from arrest.

 Colin changed his product and used them to collect his ganja.  This went on until he gave his business to his sister Lucy’s son, Adam, who lived in Atlanta.

He never considered turning the trade over to Keith or Joey, they were too stupid to be anything but pawns.


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Written by jaylar

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