Wash Belly – 51

Where Nick, learning the contents of his Mother’s Will, had immediately fought his sister, Lucy, for his share of House 2 and won,  Keith and Joey did absolutely nothing to gain House 3.

Nick had called them, emailed, even went all the way to Florida to inspire them. But they did nothing. Year followed year, and they did nothing to take possession of House 3.

Why they never moved to gain the house is obvious;   their hated father was the one who informed them of the contents of the Will.  To ‘fix’ daddy, they did nothing.

Colin knew this was how they would react. He had spent over a decade turning his nephews against their parents.   He had never missed an opportunity to berate them, to discourage Keith and Joey from returning a phone call to making a visit.

Colin knew this day would come.


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Written by jaylar

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