Wash Belly – 49

Knowing nothing about law, about procedure, evidence, anything, Keith, encouraged by his father, thought he had this law suit against his Uncle all in hand.

Keith was more pretentious than ever.   He felt in control.  When his father, Nick,   began to give advice,  having gone through a similar case,   Keith discharged him.  

Boldly, as if he had a huge family behind him, he blasted his hated father with the term that this was  his fight, his and Joey’s.  He didn’t need nor want Nick taking credit.

Nick was stunned.   He never expected Keith would be so brutal, so full of animosity.  Nick went off, feeling so hurt.  Keith felt triumphant.  He  got pleasure out of kicking his father to the pavement.

In Keith’s life there had been his Grandmother and Uncle Colin.  They were his ‘real’ family, along with his brother, Joey.   His parents were hated, other relatives were squawking birds to his ears.   It seemed  odd that Keith would go after his beloved Unca Col, but there was the past.

Keith and Joey, but mostly Keith, had sold drugs for Unca Col, and gotten next to nothing.

Adam, their cousin, Aunt Lucy’s son, was given the drug trade when Unca Col retired.   It was never even offered to Keith.   

Adam got the lucrative drug trade, and Keith got nothing.


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Written by jaylar

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