Wash Belly – 46

As Emma took up her cell, she saw the call was from  her son, Keith.   Keith never called her.  

He hadn’t called her about his wedding.  He hadn’t called at the birth of his children.   

The thought that went through Emma’s mind was ;  “What does he want?”

As she answered the phone,  Keith went to the point.  No amenities.  He spoke in a commanding way. His mother let him speak.  Realising what he was barking about, she was not about to do anything.

Unlike Nick, who continually fought to get into their sons lives, Emma  was comfortable being left out.

She had tried over the decades.   She had tried when they were children,  when they were teenagers, and then when they were adults.  She wanted to be part of their lives.  Each time she made her attempt, she received contempt.  

Perhaps, if she hadn’t a full life, success, and many people, she would take the loss of her sons with mourning and regret.  But  as their exit from her life began forty years ago,  and moved in one direction,  the estrangement was without rancour or pain.


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Written by jaylar

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