Wash Belly – 44

It was more than seven years after Miranda’s death that Keith’s wife learned of the will.  Learned of the house that had been left to him and his brother.   

As she had married Keith for citizenship and was interested in getting as much as possible when she divorced him, she pushed him to go after that house..

Considering how long Colin had been in control of the house, how much he had invested,  transfer would not be cheap.  But Keith and Joey didn’t know that.  

They didn’t know that to any independent eye, they had abandoned the house, abandoned the city, abandoned their grandmother.

Miranda required chemotherapy; such therapy the ‘Wash Belly’, Colin paid for.  Paid for alone.

Colin, who’d been kicked aside for Keith and Joey had been the only one looking after Miranda.  Looking after Miranda, looking after the property, paying the taxes, and the mortgage.

Colin did everything.  Keith and Joey did nothing.


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Written by jaylar

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