Wash Belly – 40

A few years after Joey’s loss of House 5, Miranda died.  She died leaving four children,  Lucy, Nick, Zena, and the wash belly, Colin.  Plus her beloved grandchildren, Keith and Joey.

Colin, who was fully aware of the contents of the Will years ago, had been partially living in House 3, secretly renting rooms and filling his pocket.  He used money from his bank account to pay the mortgage and the taxes,  to prove he had contributed to the property.

Shortly after his mother’s burial, he  began doing even more  obvious upgrading.  He acted as if he thought his mother left the house to him.

No one seemed to know about the Will.

Lucy, who lived in House 2, treated it as her own.

Unfortunately for them, less than a month after the funeral, Nick, Miranda’s most hated child, learned about the Will.  

He knew Colin only got half of House 1. He knew House 2 was left in equal shares to him and Lucy.  He knew house 5, which already had been lost, and House 3 were left to his sons.

Nick demanded his half of House 2. Lucy refused, he began a lawsuit.

That was a shrug for Colin.  The real challenge would come when Nick told his sons about House 3.

Colin bet their hatred for their father would have them take no action.


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