Wash Belly – 37

Keith was ecstatic when Joey lost the house.   He called  it fate, called it karma.

He had been so angry;  his  wife had gotten her citizenship and divorced him, he thought he had a ‘home’ in House 5, only to learn that it was owned by his brother and his repulsive wife.

Fortunately for Keith, he found a job as a ‘property manager’ which came with free accommodation. If it hadn’t he’d be on the street because of his own brother!

In a short time he found a gal he would marry.   This one had the same use for him that his first wife did;  legal status. Of course Keith didn’t realise it.   He had no idea he falling for the same trick, twice.

Although Colin stayed out of ‘range’  he knew enough people to be able to map and track his nephews.

Dina was the kind of scam gal he’d met before and avoided.   He was certain that once she got her name on that title, somehow, by some trick, she’d get the whole house, or the value.

He wasn’t surprised when he heard about the mortgage, the investment, and then, the foreclosure.  He knew it was going to happen.

He laughed when he learned  poor Joey was on the road and was taken in by Keith, the brother he robbed.  Keith who punished him constantly for ‘stealing’ the house.

So there goes House 5; the one his mother had left to Keith and Joey, leaving only House 3.


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Written by jaylar

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