Wash Belly – 31

 Joey’s relationship with ‘Unca Col’  had expired years ago.  Joey had no relationship with his parents.   The only people who had existed in Joey’s world, (before he married Dina) had been Unca Col, his brother, Keith and his Great Mother, Grandma Miranda.

Joey,  having drifted from Unca Col over the drug transport,  and with Keith out of his life due to the house trick, that left only the Great Mother.   But Miranda was unwell, lived  in New York, and Joey had little contact with her.

This  gave Dina full control.

Dina, had, from the start, had  filled Joey’s life with her friends.   All of ‘his’ friends were fantasies;  they were her friends.  But he didn’t realise it.

It was too easy to get one of those friends to talk Joey into an ‘investment’.  

To raise the money for this ‘investment’, Joey ‘convinced’ Dina that they take a mortgage on the house.  She acted reluctant, unsure, but then, as always, complied.

The mortgage was taken, the money paid over to the friend, who took just a small hit for his effort.  

Unknown to Joey, the bulk of the money was  turned over to Dina who  put it into her private account.

During the next few months, the friend told Joey how the money was growing, then left town.   A few weeks later he called  Joey and told him that the Company invested in had tanked and the money was gone.

When Joey told Dina, she went for a divorce.


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