Wash Belly – 19

Nick had no idea of the connection between his half brother Colin and his sons.   He had never been close to Colin and practically lost the links to his sons when he shipped them to his mother that second time.

He never thought he was such a terrible father, never imagined his sons hatred him.

If Nick had tried to rescue his sons from Colin’s plot, he would not merely fail but be excoriated.

Emma, the mother of Keith and Joey, had made periodic attempts to get close to her sons but they always found ways to make her feel unloved and unwanted.

No matter what or when or how, every connection, be it an email, a phone call, a visit,  was met with attack.

If she had known the use Colin had for them, if she had tried to interfere, they’d spew their lifetime of hate and dive in deeper, if they could.

So there was no ‘rescue’ for Keith and Joey.  For Colin, his nephews  were the easiest dupes on the planet.

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Written by jaylar

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