Wash Belly – 16

Colin had decided to go to Atlanta and open a legal business.  

Having money, he could move in the better circles, and was soon able to become involved in a legal business.

Once his plans were in place, he contacted his nephews  Keith and Joey in Florida.

They were so happy to hear from their Unca Col they wanted to race up, but he told them he would come down

He flew down to Florida, spent a few days in the mansion, begrudging them every corner.  However Colin knew how to play them.

He told them about the ganja trade and how they could fit in and make real money.    They were avid.  As he needed them to travel to collect the ganja,  he bought them a station wagon.  

Yes!   Their Unca Col bought them a Car!

Colin explained how they were to drive to the field,  collect the ganja and drive it to Atlanta.   He’d  instruct them where to unload it.  Once it was in a safe house,  Keith or Joey would come to him,  be paid and return to Florida.


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Written by jaylar

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