Wash Belly – 15

Colin had money.  He had been selling drugs for over four years, living free in his mother’s house.   

Considering that the  ganja would arrive somewhere, then be taken to Atlanta for sorting, he decided to get into some legal business in that city.

He didn’t tell anyone where he was going, save Adam.  Adam was the son of Miranda’s eldest child, his big sister, Lucy.   

She had married and moved out when she hit eighteen and he was just a baby.  

Her marriage collapsed but unlike Nick, she kept Adam and took care of him on her own. 

Just like her mother, Miranda, she was always working, only coming home to sleep.  This meant that Adam was on his own.  

As he was close to Colin in age, the two had been friendly.  Both had the ‘self sacrificing’ mother, who left her children on their own.  This meant that both Colin, and his nephew had no supervision, and could do what they pleased.


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Written by jaylar

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