Wash Belly – 13

Although Colin spoke of his mother to Keith and Joey as if she was a saint, he knew her as an overworked, distracted woman, who spent most time at home sleeping, for she filled her waking hours with work.

Where other kids had parents who took them places, Miranda never took her children (or Keith and Joey) anywhere.    

She made sure they had food and clothing, but wasn’t interested in much else.

She never went to a P.T.A. meeting, never took them to the zoo or a park or anywhere.    

She had been so unaware of what Keith was doing that his being left back a grade rolled over her as a breeze.

Miranda was no ‘great mother’.  She never had time for her children never spent a minute thinking about them.  The same was true with Keith and Joey.

 Miranda was not aware Colin was a drug dealer who used  her grandsons as front men for years.  

That was how ‘great’ a mother she was.


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Written by jaylar

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