Wack Jobs – 4

You are sitting down with Alice.  Just a brief coffee break.

Well, you think it is just coffee.  You are not looking for a psycho-drama.  But Alice wants to give you her history.  Wants to fill your ears with all the trauma she went through.

As you listen you, or someone you know, might have gone through twice what she has.  

Unless you are new to this kind of whack job and open yourself to be drowned in Alice’s rubbish,  you would not say a word.

If you know what you are doing, you don’t stop Alice’s whine, you ignore it.  You ignore it because she is a whack job.

Anything you say will be exploded and lead to more babble.

What you have to do is get away from Alice.  

She needs to babble.  Much of what she is saying may be part of a False Memory.  False Memories need to be constantly repeated so as to remain alive.

But you don’t have to hear it.


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Written by jaylar

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