Wack Jobs – 2

Tereca is schizophrenic.  Ann was warned by Ms Summers.  To fix Ms Summers, Ann befriends Tereca.

She makes sure Ms Summers sees them together, hears the loud raucous laughter.   Ms. Summers says nothing, retreating.

Then as they are entering the yard, Tereca suddenly begins to shout and insult Ann.  Ann doesn’t walk away because Ms Summers is in earshot.  Ann lets Tereca verbally tear her apart because she can not let Ms Summers know that she, Ann, accepts Ms Summers’ ‘view’.

Ann continues to walk behind Tereca until she calms down.

That Tereca has insulted Ann means nothing, as Ann hates herself more than anyone else can ever do.

Ann must somehow patch the relationship with Tereca to ‘fix’ Ms Summers.

When she sees Ms Summers, Ann’s face twists into anger.  Ms Summers says nothing to Ann.

That Ms Summers doesn’t mention the screamathon, doesn’t say a word to Ann about the recent outburst, enflames Ann who needs Ms. Summers to make a remark so she can ‘defend’ Tereca.

That Ms Summers says nothing, acts oblivious to the screamathon and Ann’s stupidity, is more offensive to Ann than Tereca’s explosion.

This is because Ann is a Wack Job.


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Written by jaylar

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