Violent Protest in Seattle Over George Floyd Death

Live Protest Turns Violent in Seattle

Saturday, May 30, 2020

The above link is a long Youtube video of the live coverage in Seattle, Washington.

Live from Seattle Washington, there appears to be a violent protest in the streets. Police have been throwing gas bombs at the crowd. This is sad. I like Seattle. The downtown area is fun.  I have been there in 1995. They were protesting about George Floyd’s death. And, apparently, many people aren’t from Seattle because they came to this protest from elsewhere. Police were on bicycles to be able to better work the sidewalks. I remember that there are a lot of black people in Seattle.

There is a lot of damage in downtown Seattle. They might return Sunday and Monday nights to continue their violent protests. Cars are lit on fire.

It started today at noon. By 3 pm, there was a rally with speakers, which was peaceful. Then, it later became violent. Later in the afternoon, the anarchists and other groups did the violence at this protest.

The national guard has been called to control this violence, but they will be unarmed.

The protests started yesterday.

There was also a SWAT vehicle.

There is a lot of graffiti on buildings in downtown Seattle.

There is a 5pm curfew in Seattle, as well as there is rain, creating some accidents.

I remember Westlake mall and Pike St. it is a nice area. I notice Nordstrom Rack in the back. I remember going inside that store to browse.

Police threw a large amount of gas at the protestors, who were just standing. There were many arrests. Looters stealing items from stores. Someone carrying a silver mannequin.

Other protests in other states were also violent.

People are starting to protest on Pacific Avenue.

They started an emergency 5am to 5pm curfew. But people, who need to work, can go to work.

People in Tacoma, Washington are walking and protesting peacefully together.


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