Unmasking of American – 22


To overthrow a foreign government requires an obvious military incursion.  The invader gets his hands dirty.

America obviously went into South Korea to set up a puppet government.  It did the same with Vietnam.

It cost American lives, created dissent.

Better for America to seem uninvolved while recruiting local traitors and opportunists to destroy their own government.

Better to pay demonstrators and dissenters, supplying them with some resources, then to publicly step into a situation which is none of their concern.

The “Arab Spring”  was a fantastically successful multi underthrow operation.  

Using ‘Professors’ and ‘Anthropologists’  and CIA operatives, the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain were secretly organised to protest and cause the toppling of some governments, the execution of Gaddafi, and widespread confusion to distract from the murder of Osama Bin Laden.

That none of the countries which suffered this underthrow have gained anything, and most have become failed states, is how Underthrow is most effective


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