Transcontinental Railroad

In the era of Westward Expansion and the time of the ‘Golden Spike’ joining the East and the West.

T is for transportation

R is for, of course, railroad

A is for America

N is for nighttime travel allowed

S is for surprises along the way

C is for customers paying to ride cross country

O is for occidentals doing some of the work in building

N is for nation building

T is for timing the completion of

I is for initiative of all involved; workers and railroad executives

N is for nuance of things to come

E is for educating citizens on new way of travel

N is for not knowing all the facts; safety wise

T is for travel more quickly; well maybe

A is for action packed adventures at times

L is for land owners giving their land over to them

R is for rights of way

A is for allegiance to country and state

I is for intelligence used

L is for laws followed or not

R is for raised taxes that make it a reality

O is for opportunities gained or lost

A is for allocations needed to build;

D is for now drastic changes to all transportation.


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