Trade Off – 9

Gavin went over Marie’s meltdown.  Wondered, (as it was so abnormal)  if he wasn’t missing something.  As if nature handed him an answer,  he heard Marie talking to one of the most repulsive tenants in the building.

No one spoke to Miss Reid.  Not only because she was certifiable but imagined/invented slights which set her off for hours, shrieking and repeating herself.. going on and on …

something very much like Marie.

Hearing Marie’s voice, sweet and syrupy the kind of voice Marie should use to decent kind people, not Reid, he had his answer.

Marie was every bit as crazy as Reid.

So here he was, living with a nut job who he ought never have met much less shacked up with, and getting rid of her would require  careful planning.


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Written by jaylar

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