Trade Off – 8

Gavin never went anywhere with Marie after her performance at the cafe.  He could not return to that cafe, nor face his friends.  Marie had embarrassed him to the bone.

He wanted to throw her out of his flat but…

Marie had no where to go. He imagined her standing in the hallway babbling on and on, embarrassing him, disturbing other tenants…  he would probably  get a notice to quit.

Two years ago Gavin decided what he had to do was keep himself apart from Marie as much as possible.  He would take her nowhere, introduce her to no one.   He ceased to have sex with her, stopped seeing her as a girlfriend.  He related to her as a maid.

He had nothing to say to her.   He heard nothing she said unless it concerned paying a bill, buying groceries or having a pipe repaired.

He began going to work extra early, coming back extra late, and blocking her out when he was at the flat.


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Written by jaylar

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