Trade Off – 2

Gavin had begun a relationship with Marie four years ago.  She seemed fine.  Attractive enough, intelligent enough, average….until she went off on one of her voyages of insanity.

He had tossed some amenity, she picked it up and began one of those repetitious, mindless diatribes.  The kind of going on and on bleat one expects from hysteria.  But Marie was standing there, going on and on in a loud controlled voice.

Gavin told her to shut up and she only got louder. The only way to silence her would be physical.

She was in his flat, living with him in his flat, and he had work tomorrow,  so couldn’t just leave.

It was late and if he threw her out she’d stand in the hall and continue her noise.

“What do you need me to say for you to shut up?”  he asked softly.

So busy with her babble she didn’t hear him.  

To get away from her, he went into the bathroom, shut the door, she didn’t shut up.  He found it amazing, yes, repulsive but amazing. that she would keep going and going to an empty room.

He thought to take a shower, but there was no soap.  

Gavin came out, Marie was still babbling, looking at the wall.    “Where’s the soap?”  he asked.

“Oh, it’s in a blue plastic container, I’ll show you…”

And as if she hadn’t been bleating for forty minutes, Marie went into the bathroom and showed him.

He nodded and smiled.  She smiled and went out.

Yeah.  If he didn’t realise it before, he knew it now. Marie was crazy.


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Written by jaylar

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