Too Late – Wilma- 5

When Eddie ‘abandoned’ Wilma, her relatives, (save her children), gathered around her.   They behaved as if Eddie was the worst man who ever lived, as if his resistance to succor a child with Down’s Syndrome made him unworthy to breathe.

Wilma’s people were with her when she gave birth to Esta.

As children born with Down’s,  Esta had respiratory problems, infections, and was in and out of the hospital five times in her first year of life.

A few of the relatives perceived what Eddie had known.   That a child with Down’s absorbs every aspect of your life until you have no life.

These relatives had lives.  They had kids and dreams and plans. Esta took and would take, too much from them.  So they found ways to move far enough away so that they could not be  depended on for anything.

Eve, Jason and Sonia, the children of Eddie and Wilma, came to visit and see  their new sibling.  They came, saw, and quickly left.

Wilma needed help, wanted her children to take on responsibility.   She phoned Eve.  Eve had spoken to her brother and sister, they all felt the same. 

They were not taking responsibility for Esta.


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