Too Late – Wilma – 4

Eddie went to his mother’s house, told her everything that was happening. His  mother did not simply agree with his decision, she thought of the future.

Unlike Eddie’s wife Wilma,  his mother perceived the difficulties of a Down’s Syndrome Child.   

Although one could attack her for being selfish, Eddie’s mother had absolutely no intention of ever being expected to care for a Down’s Syndrome child. 

Perhaps one might call her paranoiac or maybe use the term prescience, but Eddie’s mother, knew if Wilma went through with the pregnancy she would be drafted into the caregiver brigade, and the only way to avoid it was to be a thousand miles away.

Eddie’s mother decided to sell her house and move to the town where her sister lived.  She’d spoken of it over the years,  it seemed a good time.   She told Eddie what she intended.

Eddie realised why she was considered and offering.

He pondered; his marriage was over.  He could never see Wilma in the same way. He  should make a new life.

A new life in a new place.


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Written by jaylar

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