Too Late – Wilma – 3

Eddie wanted the abortion.  He virtually begged Wilma not to ruin their lives.  He said he’d get a vasectomy.

Wilma refused.

Never before had Wilma behaved like this.  Eddie warned, if she went through with the pregnancy, he would leave. She told him he should start packing.

Eddie stared at Wilma, unbelieving.  Then went and began packing.  

He was in a state of confusion.  How could his wife, his beloved, the mother of his children, his normal children, want to go through a pregnancy, which will result in a disabled child?    And decide that having this child is more important than their marriage?

Eddie took a suitcase full, moved to the door, looked at his wife;  “Call me if you change your mind,” he said.

“I won’t!  Call me if you change yours!”  She shouted.

Eddie left, in complete confusion and wound up at his mother’s house.


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Written by jaylar

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