Too Late – Murphy – 3

Apparently, Ms. Skylar had done nothing, said nothing, simply ignored his demands.  

Ignored His Demands!

He sent her another letter informing  her that unless she conformed she must vacate the premises.

He heard nothing.

After two weeks he went to the premises.

Ms. Skylar had vacated.  

Subsequently he was summoned before the Board.

They were  livid.  

Ms. Skylar had been the best tenant they ever had.  Further, all of the demands he had made were contra the permissions and instructions of the Board, given years before.

Finally,  the premises Ms. Skylar had rented had been so contructed that few people would desire to rent such a place.

It was too late to retract, too late for any consultation.  

Murphy was summarily dismissed from his position, many unkind remarks made.


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Written by jaylar

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