Too Late – Hugh – 3- End


When Hugh was told to vacate the house by the mortgage company, he refused, he went to a lawyer.  The lawyer explained the situation, but Hugh didn’t agree.

The Mortgagor got a Court Order, and Hugh’s stuff was removed from the house to a van. Hugh had to pay the van to take his property to a storage facility.

Having no where to live a friend, who rented rooms had a vacancy.  

Hugh was trying to work his brain to get control of a section of the house, but the owner rented it to another before his plan was in place.

The other person was a fine rent payer who caused no trouble.

Hugh thought to provoke him.  

Unfortunately for Hugh, others heard his bombast, and his friend spoke with him.  

He realised that having Hugh as a tenant fulfilled the adage, ‘one doesn’t need enemies’.  Hugh was told to leave.

It was far too late for him to reassess his behaviour.


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