Too Late – Hugh – 2

Hugh’s father, Ivan, had put up with Hugh’s style for years.  Hugh had begun his ‘unarguable’ style; when he was sixteen.  

Hugh didn’t listen to anyone.

Ivan tried to explain, but could not or would not outshout Hugh.  No matter the topic, Hugh had his views and they weren’t changing.

Ivan stopped telling Hugh anything.  Stopped giving him a ‘head’s up’ of his plans.

Ivan’s business had run into difficulty.  He had taken a mortgage on his home to prevent the haemorrhaging.  

The money kept the business alive a year longer, but most of the profits had to go to pay the mortgage.  

Ivan decided to sell the business and use the money to pay off the mortgage.    Due to the stress, Ivan had a stroke and died.

Hugh had no idea of his family’s financial situations.  

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Written by jaylar

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