Too Late – Dottie – 3 – End

Alan and Eddie looked at each other, Alan touched the side of his head.  Dottie saw it and was incensed.

“I’m not senile…”

“No, you only hated Cari all your life and wanted us to hate her too… Why?”

Dottie looked from one son to the other, her resolve evaporating as sweat. She wanted to say that she didn’t hate Cari, but she did.  Had always hated her.  Always blamed her.  

Dottie always blamed her niece for her son’s behaviour.

“Let’s go..” Alan said to Eddie standing up.

“Wait…!” Dottie cried.

“For what?  For you to invent our lives?  For you to fill us with your hatred for our cousin, who never did one thing…not one thing…?” Eddie snapped.

And Alan sneered; “We didn’t have our own brains?  We didn’t  choose to do what we did?”  

Dottie tried to speak but had no words.  Her sons left, and were not coming back.

It was too late for Dottie to fix the damage.

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Written by jaylar

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