Too Late – Dottie – 2

Dottie was in her eighties, not well, when her sons came to visit.  She lived in a ‘community’ because neither son wanted her in their homes.

The ‘boys’, now in their sixties, were talking. Dottie remembered way back when Alan was seven and Eddie was five how evil Cari had them run down the fire escape.

“What are you talking about?” Eddie barked, looking at Alan, then back to his mother, his face in an evil twist.

“Mom, Cari wasn’t there.” Alan said carefully;   “Eddie and I had seen a show where the kids ran down the fire escape and wanted to try It.”

“Well Cari must of…”

“Did what?  Mom, how many years are you going to blame Cari for what we did?  She never controlled us, she never told us what to do…”

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Written by jaylar

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