Too Late – Dottie – 1

She had always hated her niece, Cari.   Whenever her sons, Alan and Eddie had acted up, or did something stupid, it was Cari’s fault.

Dottie kept telling her sister, Fiona, what a demon her daughter Cari was.   Then Cari married a man her family disapproved of, and was disowned.  

Dottie was exuberant! Now Cari no longer existed!

At the time of the disowning, Dottie’s son Alan was 14 and Eddie was 12,  blessedly, they will get to grow up without the impact of Cari.

Although Cari was out of their lives, Alan and Eddie continued to act up, do stupid things.

Dottie had the feeling Cari had permanently effected her sons so blamed her for their faults.

Decades passed.

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