Too Late – Akona – 4

Akona tried to link with her daughter, Zoe, but  was disdained. Zoe was not interested in her.  After all, Akona had abandoned her.

Akona had tried to explain to Zoe about poverty, about having to work, about making the best decisions… suddenly, all the words that were bubbling from her mouth were those her mother had told her.

And just as she slapped them away, so did Zoe.

At the set up,  after the funeral,  Zoe and her family spent the time talking with Sarah, freezing out Akona.    

Akona now  realised the same way she had to leave Zoe was the same way her mother had to leave her.

The same way Zoe announced that Zinzi was a Great Mother is the same way Akona  had spoken.


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Written by jaylar

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