Three Sides – Sherry – 2

Sherri – 2

It had been the most crushing experience of my life.   Tony had left me, almost at the altar.  He called off the engagement, and quit the job and left the city.  I felt so abandoned.   I had no one.

Only Daniel.

The only one who understood was Daniel.  He was the only one I could turn to, who would make me feel alive.

He didn’t attract me, but he was so nice, so kind, and I needed him.

So he came home with me and spent the night. It wasn’t great sex, it wasn’t love, it was just making me feel desired.

In the morning, I woke to the fragrance of coffee.   Daniel had taken the liberty of making me breakfast.  

In one way I wanted him out of my flat.  But in another, there was no excuse for rudeness.

I smiled, acted grateful, but I wanted him to go.   I wanted him to go without drama.  I sat and ate, then told him I needed time to reflect.

He said he’d leave after he washed up.

He did leave,  without fanfare, and I was now alone, but happily.


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Written by jaylar

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