Three Sides – Gabi – 6

I had ruffled myself up so as to be crying when I reached Dad’s door.   I was a pretty good actress, and he took me with overwhelming concern.

I was looking around for his new wife, but didn’t see her.  I didn’t want to mention her, for that would show I was aware of my surroundings.  If I had really gone through a major event my focus would be on me, so I played it.

I finally got into the side room where I could relax.  I heard Dad on the phone, telling his new wife how I was here and he had to look after me.

I didn’t know why they weren’t shacked up, but would casually mention it tomorrow.

I didn’t know exactly what story to tell Dad.  I couldn’t say that Brad ‘interfered’ with me, because he didn’t even look at me and I was a virgin.

But in ways I could infer that  it was too dangerous to live with Mom.

Dad wasn’t too sharp so I should be able to get over.


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Written by jaylar

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