Three Sides – Daniel (6)

On Friday evening, my phone rang.It was my daughter, Gabi.She was crying and telling me she had to leave her mother’s house.  I didn’t know what to say, when the door bell rang.  Over the phone Gabi said ‘”Open the door!”

As I opened the door, there was Gabi standing on the door mat.  

I took her in, tried to find out what had happened, but she wouldn’t tell me. 

I gave her something to eat, brought her to the little room she stayed in when she visited.

I called my Ex-wife, Ellen who had no idea that anything was amiss.  In a bored voice she  asked;  “What does your new wife say?”  

I told her that Sherry and I had not moved in together yet. Ellen advised, “Let Gabi stay the night and tomorrow figure out what happened.”

To me, this was a major event, my daughter calls me crying, shows up on my door step, and Ellen is treating it as a bruised knee.


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Written by jaylar

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