Three Sides – Daniel – 5

When I mouthed the word ‘marry’ and Sherry agreed I could have levitated.  Never could I have dreamed that a magnificent person like Sherry would marry me.

That she wanted a quick quiet wedding made sense,   After all, she was having a baby, no reason to waste time with planning. 

I made the arrangements, we ran out after work to a Registrar’s Office, married, then went to dinner.  I couldn’t believe that Sherry was my wife!

I texted my daughter and then my Ex-Wife, and a few friends, then shut my phone off.  After all, this was our private time. 

I wanted Sherry to move in with me or me with her, but she said we should keep our separate flats for now.  We spent our wedding night in a small private hotel.

In the morning, I drove her to her flat, kissed her, then went to mine.  


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Written by jaylar

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