Three Sides – Daniel – 2

Daniel -2

I had been in love with Sherry from the day my eyes touched her.  Having been divorced for over three years only my daughter, Gabi, was the  light in my life.  

Until Sherry.

She was always so bright and warm and happy and made my work day so much more.

I knew she wasn’t in my league, so never asked her on  a date and all our lunches or drinks after work were just two co-workers.

I’d watched go through Sam and Greg and Joe and Jeff and Clay and Elliot and Tony, seeing how it started, seeing the middle, then, of course the end.

Usually the end was silent and abrupt.

I’d see her leave with Greg’s arm around her instead of Sam’s, or laughing with Joe instead of Greg…but that break with Tony was different.

It was not Sherry deciding, it was Tony who walked out.  I don’t think anyone had ever walked out on Sherry before.

I knew that taking me home with her, taking me into her bed was consolation, but I didn’t mind.  I wanted to be there.

If this was all I could get, I would take it.


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Written by jaylar

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