There was a Time – 8

Rosa hired a nanny for the baby and began to go out in the afternoon.  She had no real destination, she just hated being locked up in the house day after day.

Oddly, she ran into Isaac’s boss, Mr. Garber  at a restaurant.  They greeted and  Sam Garber explained that he usually took his lunch here although it was far from the office as the food was good.

He had already eaten but invited Rosa to have lunch while he finished his coffee.  Rosa was so lonely his invitation was golden.

She sat, he gave her various options to order, she made a choice.  They started to talk.

It was a light, pleasant afternoon.   Sam made no attempt to cut the meeting short, which she appreciated.

At four Sam said he had to go back to the office, and mentioned he would be here tomorrow at noon.  Rosa nodded, smiled.

They went to the parking area got into their separate cars.  Rosa drove home quickly, arriving ten minutes before Issac. Rosa thought of telling her husband about lunch, but as he was in a rush to get somewhere, she didn’t.

It was this moment which Rosa would hold as the tipping point.


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Written by jaylar

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