There Was a Time – 18

Gila might look good and be a lot of fun, but most men didn’t want to marry some one like her.  It wasn’t just her ‘style’  it was the fact she wasn’t particularly bright and had to be ‘monitored’ at every junction.

She knew about make up, hair styles, clothing, but beyond that, she knew nothing about anything else.  She was like a twelve year old.    

Unlike Rosa who didn’t ‘need’ him to survive, who could follow complex arguments and make her own decisions,  Gila knew nothing.

When Isaac told her about his time in Paradise, she had no idea where Paradise was, or anything about it.  

Isaac had to write shopping lists,  had to make sure his instructions about anything were clear.

Gila had always dreamed of a man like Issac ‘adopting’ her, taking care of her, because she couldn’t be on her own.


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Written by jaylar

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