There Was a Time – 12

Rosa had left Paradise for home  late in her seventh month of pregnancy.  Her husband, Isaac, thought it was her fifth.

This was a deliberate ruse.

Sam Garber, Isaac’s Boss,  left on the same day as Rosa had,  but on an earlier flight.  Sam was there when Rosa arrived, and she went home with him.  He was at the hospital when Rosa delivered their child.

About a month and a half  after the baby was born Isaac arrived  He was met by his parents and taken to their home.  They spoke about everything, except Rosa.

When Isaac asked about her, they showed him the divorce petition  served upon them four days ago.

When Isaac read the Divorce Petition he learned he was a ‘selfish neglectful narcissist who cared nothing for his family and often abandoned them.’

This couldn’t be true he told himself.  He tried to contact the lawyer, but it was late.  The next day he called him.    This confirmed that Isaac had received the Divorce Petition.

Isaac made many statements, asked questions, but was informed to hire his own lawyer to make contact.

Isaac had no idea where Rosa was, what was happening, but  realised he needed to get a job, fast.   He began a search but couldn’t find a comparable position.  All he was offered were lower levels.

He felt it an insult, but eventually realised that right now this was the best he could do, and… if he had to pay alimony, then the lower salary was the wisest choice.


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Written by jaylar

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