The Value of the Cold War – 9

The first step in the dumbing down was the ‘Breast is Best’.  

Instead of feeding a child carefully developed ‘formula’ which insured that the infant got all nutrition required,  the pushing of breast milk was employed.

Regardless of the health of the mother, her lack of iron or calcium, or other nutrients, she was to breast feed.  

This insured the mother would be removed from the ‘front lines’ and forced to be a milk jug.   Her activities would be curtailed, cutting down on the protests and actions she could take.

Further,  if she had deficiencies, they would be passed to the infant, insuring a less healthy child.

Getting those who marched against war and for civil rights  to revert to breast feeding was not as difficult as imagined.  For there  were no objections.  

The public swallowed the benefits of breast milk (and none of the detractions) whole, and still does.


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