The Value of the Cold War – 33

The Cold War proved that adversity was a positive developmental tool.  People would devote every atom of their being to insuring their country excelled.

It was not paranoia, the possibility of Nuclear War was real, at least the populations believed it.

Loyalty, Patriotism were valued.

Baby Boomers, brought up with this sense of eminent destruction went through the 50s into the 60s, until, at some point they began to realise that Nuclear War would not happen, for both sides had too much to lose.

This revelation opened the eyes of these Baby Boomers and they became less likely to be blind followers.

Considering they had been well fed, considering their health, both mental and physical was important, considering how well educated they were, it was not easy to deceive them.

The West realised that if it wished to keep it’s level of privileged who were a bit beyond the laws, it needed to dumb down the population.

Needed to make them weak, physically and mentally so as not to challenge the ‘system.’  Looking at the subsequent generations, those born in the 70s and 80s, those born in the 90s and after, they have been successful.


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Written by jaylar

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