The Value of the Cold War – 23

Those born at the end of the Cold War often have no idea what is happening in the world.  

They have almost no ability to discriminate between lies and truth, and do not possess the intellectual capacity to care.

These generations, born from the 70s to the 2000s, rarely  think for themselves.  They are easily confused.  

Considering their diets are full of anti-nutrition; from the junk food to the sodas, to the calorie packed snacks, they are mentally and physically in no shape to face a government.

Simple things are beyond their grasp.

For example, anyone who walked into a  shop in 2018 will have noticed how many products come from China.  Further, how much cheaper the products are.

Putting tariffs on Chinese made goods means Americans have to pay more for them.  

Hence If these jeans from China sold for $10 before, they now sell for $12.50.  Who pays that extra $2.50?  


American don’t realise this.  

Their minds are so dulled that they don’t realise that any ‘Trade War’ with China hurts Americans.


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