The Value of the Cold War – 11

As children are made to feel helpless, they often result to locking in to themselves and repeating behaviours.  

Autism is the result.  

As a fearful person cowers in a corner, the fearful child locks themselves into their own minds.

Afraid of the world, they set themselves rituals they can control.  They lock out other people.  

They only feel safe and in charge in their silent enclosed world.

Had they been toilet trained and subjected to discipline when very young they would understand their world.  Understand penalties and control.

Parents who set borders and implemented punishment, teach the child that there are ‘rules’ and ‘boundaries’.  

As the child matures and understands,  s/he slowly gains bits of autonomy.   Those raised under this kind of restriction understand the rules of the world and how to manage and control  themselves.

Those raised without rules and boundaries are in free fall, hence the retreat into themselves; autism.

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