The Unmasking of America – 12


It isn’t just the obvious wars which engaged American activity;  there are those clandestine activities where America secretly invades or pays to have a foreign government overthrown.

The earliest of such operations took place during the ‘First Barbary War’.

When Thomas Jefferson became President in 1801, he refused to pay tribute to the Ottoman Empire and sent a United States Naval fleet to the Mediterranean.

The fleet bombarded various fortified pirate cities in Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria.

The most famous event of the war occurred in April and May of 1805 with the Battle of Derma.

General William Eaton and First Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon led a force of eight Marines and 500 mercenaries from Egypt across the desert to the city of Derma.

Americans used people from Egypt to fight their war. 

America paid people from one country to invade another and fight a war.

This method was also been further refined so that Americans use the nationals of whatever nation they were attempting to conquer to do the job.

This is where a lot of ‘sudden’  opposition to a foreign government, usually duly elected, and supported, up until America buys a percentage of its population to kill the other half. 


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